Alumaxi is a company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of glass and aluminum, with offices in Cancun and Mexico City.

We contribute to the construction industry

Integral and suspended facades, gates, railings, louvers, bathroom doors, mirrors and multiple design products tailored to the creativity of our customers.

We work with different types of glass: floated, tempered, laminated, insulated, satin.

At Alumaxi we love and are passionate about facing constructions and architectural projects of great dimensions, because we are made for great challenges.

Our business philosophy is to act with planning, professionalism, enthusiasm and efficiency, to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

Specialized Staff

The human value of Alumaxi is our great strength. Each person on our staff of collaborators works as a team with the same goal. We are pleased to say that the continuous training and accumulation of experience of each one of them have made them true experts in the multiple and diverse responsibilities they carry out.

First Raw Matter

A good product is achieved with high quality materials, and over time we have approximated the best national and international suppliers. Today we offer the best elements to build impeccable presentation, resistant and durable.

Industrial Efficiency

Alumaxi industrial plants in Cancun and Mexico City, are equipped with the latest technology equipment installed in large spaces, to perform our work safely and comfortably. The production capacity we have today allows us to affirm that we are an efficient company with an industrial capacity.

Worldclass Clients

We have high quality certificates

We have high quality certificates

If you need glass and aluminum, we invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment.

In Alumaxi we work for hotels, residential complexes, condo towers, shopping malls, offices, businesses, restaurants, etc.

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